Low Cost Labeler

"we specialise in affordable labeling solutions"

Start-up  Projects and Small enterprises have a need for efficient yet affordable solutions: If you are in the market for a label applicator for cylindrical containers BenchMATE is just the ticket: pressure sensitive labels are applied to your bottles or jars with precision and speed.


BenchMATE: "Petite but very Talented" :

This is the tool you've been looking for to improve the appearance of your product and increase productivity at the same time. BenchMATE is portable, does not need a power supply and is ready for use in just a couple of minutes

It's a truly universal Labeler:

Our BenchMATE benchtop label applicator was designed for start-up enterprises and small production centres wanting to increase the efficiency in the labeling department. This concept is used the world over in the production and packaging of wine, beer, cosmetics, herbal essences, fruit smoothies, technical products, soaps and detergents etc...

And the world's most efficient manual label applicator:


  • BenchMATE is portable (only 5kg-11Lbs)
  • Quick set up and simple to operate
  • Sturdy construction:
  • Aluminium Frame & Stainless Steel hardware
  • Finish:  Black / Red anodised Aluminium

  • Container diameters: min 55mm (2in.) to 250mm (9.8 in.) -
  • For containers with smaller dia. : pls see BenchMATE+plus
  • Used with pressure sensitive labels on rolls
  •                    ( = self-adhesive stickers, die-cut on backing tape)
  • Max Label height : max 175 mm (6.8 in.) or 225 mm on Wide-Body
  • Labels: accepts Single, front-back labels  (front & back labels are on same roll )
  • Also works with Opaque, clear or translucent and wrap-around labels
  • Production: approx. 600-900 containers / Hour 
  •                     (= dependent on type & size of recipient & label)

Overview of container types easily handled by BenchMATE :

All lines up in one single row:

You know what? Your packaging could have the same impact as the big boys in the industry: With a BenchMATE the first label will be as good looking as the very last: 

Straight as an arrow: Looks good on the shelf

 Single or Front & Back labels: It's sooooo Easy !!!

BenchMATE is supplied with an accessory that allows you to stick a 2nd label to the back of your bottle. Just ask your printing service to put the front and back label on one roll.

 Jars & bottles with recessed panes !

Foodstuffs often come in these jars: the protruding ribs protect the label from scuffing in transit. Very useful but most labeler applicators have a tough time labeling them: but not on the BenchMATE: this feature even comes standard with the package. 

Don't worry if you also need to label "standard" bottles: BenchMATE can be configured and easily reconfigured to handle both types!


BenchMATE Labeler videos

Labeling Craft Beer Bottles:

By far the most popular BenchMATE application : Craft Beers are HOT! Many, many brewers use this equipment to lend a smooth, professional look to their products:

BenchMATE is the perfect little machine to apply front and back or wrap around labels, as shown in this short video:

Wine Bottles: Front & Back:

This is what the BenchMATE was origibnally designed for! The range of applications is endless these days but wineries still make up a large portion of the BenchMATE's users community, not in the least because it is soooooo very portable, works off grid and it applies 2 labels: essential in the Wine Business!

Pill bottle Labeling

Obviously practical usage of BenchMATE is not limited to the beverage industry. Pharmaceutical containers and jars are also high on the list. Thanks to its entry-level price range and clean build this is a favourite amongst pharmacists and nutritional producers: It provides an excellent tool to cater for rapidly changing market demand and private label rebranding.