Low Cost Labeler

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Compact Labeler
Low-cost labeler for small businesses

This uncomplicated and economical design is what you've been looking for to label your bottles, jars and other cylindrical recipients. You will greatly improve the quality & feel of your packaging!

The Compact labelling machine will become one of the most appreciated tools in your arsenal: Specifically aimed at small businesses it incorporates a well thought out design and affordable price-tag and virtually maintenance-free operation. Applying pressure sensitive labels to cylindrical containers becomes a straightforward and fast operation: depending on size & shape of your containers and labels, production figures running from 500 to 800 units per hour are easily attainable, with all labels applied straight, level & without bubbles. 

Manpower = willpower

Compact HC6 & HC8 are hand-cranked machines: No Electric Power (not even from  "clean sources") but an efficient and low-cost solution to a expensive issue: quality packaging

Designed in the US & built in Europe

All your Labels straight & level

The greatest advantage of mechanical applicators is, next to their speed, the ability to provide a higher level of quality and a very professional look to your products:

All labels will be positioned exactly where you want them: that looks sooo great on a shop shelf 

Tech sheet Compact HC-6 & HC-8

Compact labelers can handle a wide array of cylindrical bottles, tubs and othercontainers. For recipients with somewhat challenging shapes, we have designed special accessories (see below) 

Cylindrical containers
 Dia. 38mm to 150mm (1.49 in. to 5.9 in.)
 For smaller dia: see below (option B./)
 Pressure sensitive labels (on label Roll)
 Max "height" Label: ± 115 mm ( 4.5 in.)
 Label Roll: max dia. ± 200mm ( 7.87 in.)

Compact HC-8 is basically a much larger machine based on the same principles as HC-6. The wider frame allows labeling of much larger containers. HC-8 is also available in XL & XXL versions

Cylindrical containers
 Dia. 38mm to 180mm (1.49 in. to 7 in.)
 For smaller dia: see below (option B./)
 Pressure sensitive labels (on label Roll)
 Max 'height' label: ± 170 mm (6.69 in.)
 Larger labels? pls check out options below
Label Roll: max dia. ± 200mm ( 7.87 in.)
Use these specific solutions & mod's for non-standard containers or labels: contact us if in doubt

Containers with recessed panes:

Some types of popular bottles, tins or jars sport 2 or more swages. These are moulded or pressed into the walls for design reasons or to protect the label from scuffing. Labels are preferably applied between the swages but most labelers on the market are not equipped to handle these. Our compact labelers, however, are easily adapted to handle these types of recipients. Just send us a picture of your typical bottle

Tapered Recipients (= Conical bottles or Jars)

Also a very common sight in the packaging world: Tapered containers: some are designed that way but there are those that should be cylindrical, yet they come out of the mould slightly tapered or the top gets warped when the cap is screwed on.

Very challenging for most labeling machines but not Compact HC6 & HC8: We have an optional accessory available to compensate the taper. A sample of your bottle would help a lot, though!

Specials & Accessories

A./ Front-back label additional Label-indicator :

This accessory allows application of a second label on the same bottle: in the jargon this is called front-back. Preferably the front and back labels would be printed on the same label-roll but the procedure may be adapted to allow the use of 2 separate rolls.

B./ Toproller for lightweight containers :

Tiny bottles and some empty containers do not carry sufficient weight to remain on the labeler. A third roller on top of the bottle is the best solution to overcome this. When not in use, the Toproller can easily be removed if not needed for heavier bottles

C./ Accessory for tapered containers :

Tapered shapes can be largely compensated thanks to this special arrangement. We generally recommend narrower labels in this case: feasibility has to be tested in our workshop. Please send us more data on the bottle and the label for free assessment of your project.

D./ Recessed surface accessory :

If your bottle's shape shows recesses where the sticker should go we recommend the use of custom support rollers and possibly cut-outs in the plate that separates the label from the backing paper. Again, we will need a sample bottle & label